I currently work as a Data Analyst in the Crypto industry. I have an M.S. in Data Analytics, a B.S. in Business Analytics, and am a strong proponent of lifelong learning.


Analytics = [ R, Python, SAS, SQL, PostgreSQL, VBA, Excel ]

Visualization = [ R Shiny, Tableau, PowerBI, Domo ]

Utility = [ Statistics, CSS, JavaScript: { node.js, D3.js, express, vanilla } ]

Systems = [ Anaplan, Team Dynamix, Alteryx, UI Path, Bloomberg ]

Current Projects:

I am currently working on sharpening my Python, R, and AWS skills. Additionally, I am soaking up as much crypto knowledge as I can.

My role as a Data Analyst for a rapidly growing startup in the Crypto industry allows me to work on complex, everchanging problems with some of the brightest people in FinTech.

Trevor French

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