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Business Professional

I have experience with leading small teams, developing solutions for common business problems, sales, and Analytics.

Data Enthusiast

I love data. I recently graduated with an M.S. in Data Analytics and also possess a B.S. in Business Analytics. I enjoy gathering large datasets, developing statistical models, and creating intuitive visualizations.


I enjoy spending my free time learning about new technologies as well as new implementations of old technologies.

Technologies I Am Familiar With

I am comfortable working with JavaScript (server side & client side), R, R shiny, Python, and VBA. I have used these technologies to integrate with APIs, scrape data, create models, automate processes, visualize data, etc. I have also learned and used various other technologies to finish projects when the situation has required it.

Additionally, I have worked with PowerBI, Tableau, SAS, along with various other enterprise softwares.

Current Projects

I am currently working on learning Spanish as well as Unition, a project management tool.

I am working as a PRGM Analyst for Swire Coca-Cola which requires me to forecast revenue and maximize gross profit for my piece of business.

Trevor French

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